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Regular visitors will see we have changed the site yet again, following attempts to break in to the site and post unrelated items. Subsequently, we can now concentrate on improving the site for all our users.

Guests will have limited access to this site and can only gain full access including the Forum area, once they are approved members.

If you want to join, please note that YOU MUST ENTER YOUR CHRISTIAN NAME and SURNAME. However, you can still use anything you want as a username, which is the only name visible on the forum. Accounts now have to be approved by an administrator, anyone not using their full name will not be approved.

Location and post/zip code details MUST be your home address - NO work details please. No correspondence will be entered into, to influence, or fast track the approval process. Approval can take several days or longer, depending on the back log of enquiries. We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications, so please be patient. Successful applicants will be notified by email, confirming when their account is live.

Existing members do not have to do anything other than use the LOGIN on the menu above, so the forum and other information shows up.

May 2016


This site is for owners and those interested in the AC 3000ME sports car, should it be to buy or sell, drive, maintain or renovate. Although it is a members site, membership is free as long as you follow the basic rule of being nice.

The information you will read relies on detail presented by owners, members and enthusiasts and has no commerical sponsorship.

If you have any information or pictures please join and post them in the forum. Joining the forum is very simple, just click the login link at the top of the site and register.

Please revisit often for regular updates.

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